QHP Heated Purge Desiccant Dryer

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QHP Heated Purge Desiccant Dryer

The QHP series of heated desiccant dryers features a
built-in heating system that regenerates the offline tower using half the
amount of air as our heatless products. This translates to improved efficiency,
less wear and lower operating costs overall.

Nine configurations are available that can deliver between
850 and 3,400 CFM of dry air at 100 psig. Key components include the same
high-performance switching valve system found in the QHD and a heavy-duty steel
base. From the ground up, the QHD has been designed to ensure long life and low
maintenance requirements, even when operating at high temperatures.

Operation is similar to the QHD, with the distinction that
purged air passes through a heater before beginning the regeneration process.
Because the air is hotter, less is required to absorb moisture from the
desiccant beads. Air is forced through the system at a maximum of 50
feet/second, with up to 5.5 seconds of desiccant contact time during the drying

QHP industrial desiccant air dryers run on an eight-hour
NEMA cycle. The drying phase lasts four hours, the heating phase two and a half
hours, the cooling phase one hour and twenty minutes and the re-pressurizing
phase 10 minutes.

The QHP is available with the optional Quincy MicroBurst Regeneration (MBR) system, the only full-load energy saver available for use with heated purge desiccant air dryers. The MBR cuts purge requirements in half and greatly reduces heater ƒ??onƒ? time. When equipped with the Quincy MBR, our Heated Purge dryers use 50% less energy. ROI can be realized within five months depending on dryer size and local power costs.

Initial cost: Moderate

Operating cost: Moderately low

Maintenance cost: Low

-40° to -100°F dew point

850 ƒ?? 3,400 cfm

3.5% to 7% purge

Low-watt density heaters

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