QSG Compressor

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With decades of experience in the design and operation of energy efficient compressed air systems, Quincy Compressor makes some of the world’s finest air compressors and industrial air pumps on the market. Quincy's Rotary Screw and Piston air compressors, Vacuum pumps and air Treatment products are made to the highest standards and can be found in some of the most demanding and critical installations.



A rotary gas compressor also operates via positive displacement. It contains a pair of helical screws that drive the gas into a chamber. The screws simultaneously shrink the chamber, which forces the compression. Rotary screw compressors are known for their compact yet robust design and construction, as well as their reliability. However, rotary screw compressors are not suited for a dirty operating environment, and the rotary compressorƒ??s life expectancy is typically shorter than that of a reciprocating model.

16 models to 600 hp

Flows to 4.0 MMSCFD

130,000 hour design life

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