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VaClean is an effective solution for the collection of spill products in offshore environments.

The system is installed as a centralised suction unit that uses a fixed pipe system to transport products such as mud, spilled oil and contaminants.

The fully automatic system is filled and emptied by a vacuum pump, which transports the media to the collector tank and on to a skimmer tank or container. As the product is not required to pass through the pump, very large particles and difficult media can be readily transported.

When the pump is started, a vacuum is created in the collector tank and throughout the drilling platform pipe system. This allows for the removal of waste from any station around the platform.

When the tank is full, the vacuum pump is used as a compressor to empty it quickly.

To start using Vaclean, simply attach the cooling water and electricity supply and connect to the pipe system onboard.

Our systems are suitable for use in both Ex and Safe zones

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