Looking For a Fluid Transfer Pump?

If you are searching for a fluid transfer pump to assist with fluid handling, you are in the right place. Cascade Machinery and Electric carries a wide range of fluid transfer pumps for almost every industry and application. From the food and beverage industry to municipalities, we can find the right pump for your needs. Anything from high-temperature pumps, waste-pumps with grinders, or pumps with sanitation controls are included in our catalog.

The types of fluid transfer pumps we sell include:

Among the products we sell, we are distributors for these top brands:

fluid transfer pumps are found in diverse industry and we can help you find those specific to your business. For example, CAT pumps are designed specifically for the car wash industry. Each pump is unique to the specific pressure needed.

Deming manufactures products for controlling industrial wastewater or stormwater. The amount of water that needs to be moved will determine the size and scope of the pumping system. Will debris need to be handled along with the water? If so, there are large chopping pumps to solve clogging issues that many municipal systems face.

Standard Pumps provide sanitary pumps for the food, beverage, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industries. These pumps provide sanitary transport of product throughout manufacturing facilities without outside contamination. These pumps have been designed for easy disassembly, cleaning, and repair.

Questions to consider when purchasing or replacing fluid transfer pump equipment for your industry should include that of pressure and volume. Do you need metering devices? How often will you need to clean your equipment? Are you transporting hazardous or high-temperature material?

Regardless of your industry, if you need to move or control liquid material, we can provide the optimal solution for your business.

Give one of our Cascade professionals a call today to discuss the appropriate fluid transfer pump choice for you. We also service and repair every piece of equipment we sell.


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