FRL Membrane Air Dryer

The introduction of Quality Air (Filter, Regulator, Lubricator) program establishes a quality standard for compressed air purification in industrial pneumatic applications only Ultrafilter can offer. The almost unlimited possibilities in combining and varying the single Ultrafilter FRL components are pointed out best by having a close look at the single steps of the compressed air purification process.

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No matter what quantity of compressed air needs to be treated only the quality demands determine the components of your purification equipment. With a centralized purification device the entire compressed air generated has to be purified to meet the quality demands of the most sensitive application ƒ?? regardless of the fact that this only consumes 1% or even less of the air. Local compressed air treatment with Ultrafilter FRL-units supplies each individual application exactly with the air quality required and therefore avoids costly super qualification of compressed air for low demand purposes.

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