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With decades of experience in the design and operation of energy efficient compressed air systems, Quincy Compressor makes some of the world’s finest air compressors and industrial air pumps on the market. Quincy's Rotary Screw and Piston air compressors, Vacuum pumps and air Treatment products are made to the highest standards and can be found in some of the most demanding and critical installations.



Genuine Quincy Compressor Parts & Fluid

A Quincy air compressor is designed, engineered and built to provide many years of reliable service. You also get the benefit of industry-leading warranty programs for your protection and peace of mind, as well as 24-hour service via the extensive network of authorized Quincy dealers. Whatƒ??s more, we also provide top-notch air compressor parts. We offer a wide selection of genuine Quincy compressor parts and air compressor fluid products so youƒ??ll never have to worry about finding the air compressor parts you need to keep your compressor up and running. 

Our Air Compressor Parts Are Built to the Highest Standards

Genuine Quincy Compressor parts are selected because they
are manufactured to the same quality standards as our compressors. They are
designed to keep your compressor or vacuum pump running at peak performance and
have been proven to provide the best protection of your investment. Maintain or
extend the life of your warranty by using only genuine Quincy Compressor parts
and consumables.

Rotary screw compressor fluids

Our rotary screw fluids provide excellent friction
protection and extend bearing and rotor life. They also retain their viscosity
at higher temperatures. Fluids are available for rotary screw compressors used
in a wide range of light duty, heavy industrial and other applications.

Genuine fluids

QuinSyn Plus

QuinSyn XP

QuinSyn PG

QuinSyn F

Reciprocating compressor fluids

We produce a wide range of reciprocating lubricants and
fluids for varying conditions. These fluids can lengthen compressor life by
protecting against heat, while also providing superior demulsibility in high humidity
applications. They also meet OSHA guidelines for classification as non-toxic

QuinCip-D ƒ?? 100% Synthetic

QuinCip ƒ?? Available in three ISO grades

Aftermarket fluids

Quincy aftermarket fluids have been proven to reduce energy consumption, waste disposal costs and MRO costs. By enabling your compressor to operate at peak efficiency and reliability, they can also reduce lost productivity, which will improve the health of your companyƒ??s bottom line. We offer a variety of aftermarket fluids and lubricants for specific applications and operating environments.

QuinSyn Endura

QuinSyn Edge

QuinSyn Prime

QuinSyn Flex

Genuine air compressor spare parts and consumables

Having the right air compressor spare parts on hand can
ensure a fast solution to a compressor repair issue, which can keep
unproductive downtime to a minimum. Our spare parts and consumables inventory
includes air/oil separator elements, inlet air filter elements and oil filter
elements for our reciprocating and rotary screw models.

Air/Oil Separator Elements

Inlet Air Filter Elements

Oil Filter Elements

Genuine replacement parts

We carry a huge assortment of genuine replacement parts for rotary screw, reciprocating and oil-free compressors. Youƒ??ll find everything from compressor pump parts to belts, motors, gauges, valves and much more. You can always depend on the quality of a genuine Quincy replacement part.






Connecting Rods


Dessicant (Q Sorb)





Piston Rings/Rods





Air compressor pump rebuild kit

Our rebuild kits contain all the internal and external parts
you need to reconstruct a damaged or failing air compressor pump. Rebuilding a
pump can prevent the costs associated with purchasing and brand-new product and
can also help to extend compressor life.

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