QP Compressor Series

The Quincy QP Series is designed for tougher applications where traditional splash lubrication just won’t measure up.

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With decades of experience in the design and operation of energy efficient compressed air systems, Quincy Compressor makes some of the world’s finest air compressors and industrial air pumps on the market. Quincy's Rotary Screw and Piston air compressors, Vacuum pumps and air Treatment products are made to the highest standards and can be found in some of the most demanding and critical installations.




The QP is a two-stage pressure lubricated air compressor featuring a working pressure of 175 PSI for your more challenging air compression applications. Key QP features include a cast iron crankcase, flywheel and cylinder, reliable positive displacement oil pump and high efficiency intercooler. The QP is available in a standard configuration, Pro Unit, as well as a fully loaded Max Unit.

The QP Series reciprocating piston compressor is a product of advanced design. The unit’s fan-type cast-iron flywheel and counter-weighted crankshaft have been electronically balanced to ensure smooth, trouble-free operation. A proprietary stainless steel valve design delivers some of the highest volumetric efficiencies on the market. These and other features create a machine that can be counted on for up to 15% longer life than a splash lubricated compressor, with no compromise in power or performance.


  • Fully pressure lubricated
  • Cast-iron crankcase, cylinder and flywheel
  • High efficiency intercooler
  • Positive displacement oil pump
  • Two Stage
  • Oil filter and pressure gauge
  • Automotive style inlet filter/silencer

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