Oilfreepac 2000 Midi Heatless Dessicant Air Dryer

The Oilfreepac 2000 purification packages are purification units based on adsorption dryers Ultrapac 2000 to supply clean, dry and oilfree compressed air. Compressed air is led through the inlet of the unit (J) and across the prefilter (2). At this stage, the air is cleaned from particles and condensate.

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The condensate is removed via a membrane condensate drain (5). Via the lower shuttle valve (8) the air is led into desiccant cartridges (1) in which the air is dried down to a pressure dew point of -40?øF (equivalent to a remaining water content of 110 ppm). In the following activated carbon purification stage (9) oil vapours, hydrocarbons, taste and odours are adsorbed to a level far below 0.003 ppm.

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