PGX plus Polyglycol Sealing Fluid

PGX plus Polyglycol Sealing Fluid for liquid ring vacuum pump systems

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PGX plus is a custom formulated polyglycol sealing fluid specifically designed for long life under the severe, demanding conditions usually encountered in closed loop liquid ring vacuum pumps and systems.

This sealing fluid is a polyalkylene glycol fluid, formulated to give negligible solubility or dilution in contact with hydrocarbon liquids or vapors. The ability of these fluids to withstand dilution by hydrocarbon gases is particularly advantageous in liquid ring pumps handling high concentrations of hydrocarbon and gasoline vapors. The oil is a heat stable polymer in the absence of oxygen and is soluble in water.

The special refining technique coupled with state-of-the-art additive technology, results in a fluid with better performance than other mineral oils.

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